After two weeks abroad I came home full of disgust over my colorless life. There is so much beauty in the world, why have I picked such a sepia tone version? Perhaps the lovely parasite that decided to smuggle itself into the U.S. via my intestines, which gave me another two weeks of painful moping around my house to further contemplate my life, is also to thank.

My present job which boats money, long term security and benefits also puts me at risk of waking up at 40 friendless, baron, and alone all the while killing every creative and joyful bone in my body. Upon contemplating this the conservative¬† voice in my head (always in my fathers tone) “it’s a good job”, “the money is good”, “what else are you going to do” and I guess they are valid arguments. I should have a plan moving forward…however idealistic I may be, I do need money, but really how much? Why should I dread my job when there are so many alternatives?

In lue of this realization I have decided to¬† change my life. This is not a rip the band-aid off type of change, but a subtle “little steps leads to big steps” type of change. I am making a commitment to myself to embrace the fun and to encourage the creative; to make life less like a “todo” list and more like an eight count.

Stay tuned.