Rome in a Day….the Buzz Car showed us the way!

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With jet lag weighing heavy on our bones we had a little less than 24 hours in Rome. Our hotel was nice enough to check us in at 7am to freshen-up (a gamble we lucky won) and we were off to see the sights. Considering our limited time we thought we only had one option: a large red bus with busted audio devices and a confusing map. As most buses in Rome, the red bus had equally horrible reviews. Thus we sought the advice of a trusted friend: trip adviser, and it delivered to us: Buzz4Tours. With rave reviews and a few photos, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Equipped with and iPad tour guide and the keys to our buggy, we began bouncing around the Vatican. As we tumbled through the cobble stone streets in the open air Buzz car our jet lag was long forgotten. We buzzed past the parked cars, bus stops and walking tourist from one destination to another stopping for wine and cheese on the way.  In a little over 4 hours our “to see” checklist was complete and we were hastily ready to get out of the Buzz car and get our buzz on.